Hate Flossing? These 5 Things Will Change Your Mind

Your oral health is very important, however, there are still many who often overlook this aspect of health. In fact, only 30% of Americans admit that they floss daily. We all know that brushing makes your teeth healthy by keeping the bacteria and plaque from building up. However, brushing isn’t enough. There are some plaques and small pieces of food that can stick in between your teeth that may not be totally removed by brushing alone. This is where flossing can help. Daily flossing is necessary to keep your teeth healthy and maintain your overall dental health. 

How does flossing help?

Brushing alone cannot protect your teeth and gums from gum diseases which may lead to tooth loss. Most people know about the importance of flossing but never bother to do it as long as they brush their teeth because they believe that flossing makes their gums swell, sore and bleed. This is only true if it’s your first time to try flossing, and the more you floss your teeth, the lesser it swells and bleeds. Flossing is necessary to stimulate gums healing and, in the process, make your gums healthier. 

When you floss daily, you protect your gums against gum diseases such as gingivitis. When flossing, you are removing plaque and food particles in between your teeth and gums which may cause certain dental problems. Flossing is important to keep your teeth and gums and healthy while giving you a perfect and more confident smile. So, you still hate flossing? Don’t worry – you are not alone and these 5 things will change your mind completely!

5 Reasons to Floss Daily

1.Preventative Oral Care

You look after your teeth and do everything to keep it healthy but due to the kind of food you are eating, there may be times when brushing alone cannot completely remove food particles as well as the bacteria trapped in between your teeth. When you floss, you can efficiently remove these food particles and bacteria which are not accessible to a toothbrush. Brushing and flossing is an effective combination in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

2. Fresh breath all the time

When there are food particles trapped in your teeth and gums, the bacteria can cause an unpleasant odor making your breath smells nasty. By flossing, you remove these bad-odor-causing bacteria, keeping your breath fresh all day long.

3. Prevents gum diseases. 

Plaque doesn’t just make your teeth look bad, but it can also lead to gum diseases. When plaque erodes your gum tissues, periodontitis will occur. It could result in extreme tooth decay and root canal problems. Decrease your chance of having a gum disease by flossing daily.

4. More efficient if combined with brushing

Brushing and flossing work together in keeping your dental health in top condition. Flossing can reach areas where the bristles of your toothbrush can’t; therefore, ensuring that your gums and teeth are thoroughly cleaned.

5.  Good for your overall health

Having good oral health can eliminate the possibility of developing certain health conditions linked to poor dental health such as diabetes, respiratory diseases, and heart diseases. 

Daily flossing is important in keeping your dental health in good condition so whether you hate it or not, it is something that teeth need every day.