Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, begin to develop during the adolescent stage (between 17-21). Some do not have space for the tooth to fully develop/erupt or push past the gum lines which may result in it becoming an impacted tooth. This can become very painful and can lead to a variety of oral complications:

  • Crowding: An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to crowding with the front teeth. Long-term damage may result in tooth decay, gum disease and damage to the jaw bone.
  • Infection: A frequent type of infection that occurs is pericoronitis, a localized gum infection. With the tooth partially erupting, it may cause recurring pain, swelling, and infection due to eating and drinking.
  • Cyst: A dental cyst can form around an impacted wisdom tooth. This fluid-filled sac can cause damage to the structure of the jawbone.

In some cases, the wisdom tooth does not cause any problems or become painful. It is important to have it checked out and removed quickly if necessary.

After you have an oral examination and we have determined that an extraction is required we will go through surgical procedures to help you get ready for your surgical appointment. Wisdom teeth are generally removed by using intravenous sedation within thirty minutes. Local sedation is an option for a less complicated extraction. Anesthesia options will be discussed with you prior to surgery day.

Early extraction of impacted wisdom teeth is critical for avoiding future problems and decreasing surgical risk during a surgical procedure. At Smiles of Loudoun in Leesburg, VA, we specialize in early evaluation of emerging wisdom teeth so we can detect impacted teeth and treat them. Please make an appointment to see if you’re a good candidate for wisdom tooth removal.