Dental Implants and Crowns


A missing tooth can affect the way someone feels about the way they feel and look. It can also be embarrassing for many. A missing tooth, or teeth, can cause oral hygiene problems. The space created by missing teeth can easily become infected with bacteria which can lead to gum disease and periodontal disease. It can also cause other teeth to shift out of place, making it difficult for people to speak, bite or eat correctly. Our dentist and the staff at Smiles of Loudoun provide dental implants as a permanent dental solution to improve your oral health. Let us help you regain your confidence with the look and feel of your new smile!

The implant, which is a titanium based screw, is surgically placed into the upper or lower gum and jaw tissue to anchor down as the root of the tooth followed by a connector (abutment) and the crown. The crown(s) are custom made to match your other natural teeth. When fully healed, their teeth should look and feel comfortable as well as fully functionable. They are meant to last a lifetime if cared properly for. Our team will make sure you understand the treatment options and will answer any questions you may have.


Dental crowns are prosthetic caps for your teeth used for patients that have a cracked, damaged or decayed tooth. Once attached, it should cover the entire tooth that lies above the gum line. Crowns can enhance the appearance of your smile as well as provide structural support after having experienced cavity fillings, a root canal dental bridge, and more. Your dental crown will feel, look, and function just like your natural teeth. Continue to brush and floss regularly and maintain routine dental cleanings.

Different types of crowns include:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Composite
  • Metal

Those that find themselves clenching or grinding their teeth during their sleep are at risk of fracturing their crowns or breaking the seal, which will result in a crown replacement. A night guard is highly recommended to protect your dental crowns.